Founder’s Message

“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow”.

Jaycee Higher Secondary school is a encomium to Late Mrs. Jaya Chinnasamy M.A., B.Ed., who was a visionary focused personality and she dedicated her life in bringing changes in thousands of students with a protocol of quality education at a very modest cost. She has been a great educator and a pioneer in the development of the human spirit. We have much to follow her foot path.

Mrs. Jaya Chinnasamy
Founder Mrs. Jaya Chinnasamy

Managing Director Message

The value of knowledge depends on what else you know.

David Parell.

Think of a notebook with several pages. Each page in itself is an open-page. We can either scribble on it, or write poetry. Irrespective of what we do, we can still turn to the next page to scribble, write poem, narrate a dream. Start writing positive notes which will uplift and motivate to achieve, out of all it should be worth-preserving. Metaphorically the notebook can be compared with your life, till you embrace the true wisdom, the choice to use or abuse the days of your life, rests purely within you. Whatever age you are in, doesn’t matter . . . Start today . . . Start afresh and cherish to live a happy life. It’s never too late to get awakened in life. Somewhere in your life, some resource is either being wasted or being inefficiently managed. Find out what it is and improve upon it. Ofcourse, your most precious resource is “YOURSELF”,

Today a reader, tomorrow a leader

Margarat Fuller

Best Wishes for a Nurturing Future!!!

Managing Director Mr R S CHINNASAMY B.A.,B.L.,

Chairman’s Message

Knowledge is a Sky scraper. You can take a shortcut with a fragile foundation of memorization, or build slowly upon a steel frame of understanding.

Noval Rowikant

What is growth? Growth is giving up who you are, to become what you can be. A seed is well protected as long as it remains to be a seed, but what is the purpose of a seed? It contains thousand forests within, benefits the environment and gives happiness to the whole World. Confidence grows only when you do things that you have never done before... Self-depreciation is a crime. Look ahead . . . You never know what you may become. Aspire to become an all-round personality. You were not born to follow, you were born to lead. Remember “Knowledge is never given to dissect your past. It is given to construct your future.

Best wishes for a Strong Future!!!

Mr. Prakash. C
Chairman Mr. Prakash.C

Correspondent’s Message

Human behaviour flows from three main sources: Desire, Emotion and Knowledge.


This World will worship those who worship their work. Let the effects of the work we do be the signature, we leave behind in this World. All of us are bound by our instincts, which is to avoid pain and embrace pleasure. We analyse with our intelligence and wonder though our emotions. For e.g. If we know too much about botany, we will not wonder at a huge banyan tree and exclaim “Wow”! Instead would say it is “Ficus Benghalensis”. When we are totally consumed by intelligence, we don’t get emotional. One cannot price tag desires. What is worthless to one is priceless to another. From physical abuse to verbal admonishments, breaking things to hitting yourself, actions performed and decisions taken later, in sway of emotions will make your life an epic of sorrow. So decide through your mind and relate with your heart for we all live once a lifetime. The mind will easily follow the heart, but the heart seldom follows the mind.

Best Wishes for an Intelligent Future!!!

Mrs. Gayathiri Devi Prakash
Correspondent Mrs. Gayathiri Devi Prakash

Principal Message

Success or failure is not about potential, but it is a matter of interest. During the growing years, children grow up seeing the World around them. Awards, rewards, demonstrative appreciation and expressive validations give them a sense of fulfilment because they confirm that children have drawn enough attention from parents and teachers. Allow the bud to bloom into a flower through the natural process and try to admire the beauty of a flower. Pursue a new proficiency every year and see how exciting life can be. Always be an explorer of life. Feed your curiosity and inquisitiveness. More than all your success, achievements and accomplishments, the formula to answer a simple question, “When was the last time I did something for the first time? Before you ask yourself or others, “Will you win”? You’d better ask, “Are you prepared to do what it takes to win”? Competence cannot cause passion, but passion can always develop competence.

Let us together impress the World and impress upon the World that our World is a good happy place.

All the very best for an Accomplished Future!!!