Jaycee’s Cubs and bulbuls :

Jaycee’s Cubs and Bulbuls Primary ethos is to be “Disciplined and Courteous“ the behaviour of a child and to inculcate self- discipline, self- defendant and service for nation through comradeship. Our boys and girls of classes III to V take up challenging tasks that benefits them in innovative mental and physical strengthening. They were involved for a rally around the neighbourhood of Jaycee reciting slogans with pluck cards that gives awareness against International drug abuse day and illicit trafficking.

Jaycee’s Cubs and bulbuls

Scouts & Guides

The senior students of Jaycees took part in scout and guide and they were trained for self-dependent, self-control and to become a virtuous citizen by performing social services, learning defendant measures and cope unforeseen situations .As our scouting accomplishes tenacity of helping young people progress physically, intellectually, socially, and spiritually. Scout and Guide of Jaycee’s were qualified with self-confidence and self- esteem by learning important life skills and leadership skills, team building and outdoor adventure. Be the change live with principles and make the change in society is our motto.


Jaycee’s are equipped for the military services carrier and guidance in any field. Unity and discipline is emphasized, students learn punctuality, hard work and responsibility to fulfil their duties with self-assurance. Certified exams were taken up by the students which contributes eligibility to become a military officer in their future. Integrated and Principled is our gasp.

Interact Club by Rotarians of Coimbatore

Our interactors were encouraged to practice thoughtfulness of and helpfulness to others by reaching out old and helpless people in our society. They develop life skills including self -development, time management, and personal finances. Through project works our students were encouraged to serve the society healthier.

Road Safety Patrol

With the purpose of inculcating traffic discipline in school and to sensitize them with road safety rules ,our students were taken out for a rally. It benefits our Jaycees to be groomed as a decent pedestrians and flawless drivers in their impending years. “Anticipation is healthier than therapy” is our motto.